About Us

Richland Agriculture Group headquarters in Saskatchewan, Canada, with the name "World’s Granary" and has multiple regional offices in Canada and China.

Richland Agriculture Group based on Canada's deep agricultural resources and unique advantages of natural resources, faces to China, Japan as well as other Asian markets, and connects the Asia-Pacific agricultural industries. At present, the main businesses of Richland Agriculture Group are the international trading of grains and the Canada's original ecological agricultural development and sales.

Richland Agriculture Group’s minor cereals business focus mainly on flaxseed, while supplemented by other grains as the current stage of business direction. The Group has three core competencies in the grains trade: First is the companies expert’s specialty experience in flaxseed industry, which gives the group an ability to quickly establish advantage in flaxseed trading industry; Second is the ability to source and transport from the origin farm land in Canada. Richland Agriculture Group headquarters in the origin of Saskatchewan, and establishes long-term relationship with local food companies, to ensure adequate inventory and transport reliability; Third, Richland Agriculture Group is familiar with the Chinese consumer market, the Group set up office in China, with a multi-year industry experience in sales team for the Chinese market to ensure successful food export trade.

A subsidiary of the Richland Agriculture Group – Quality Enterprise Co., Ltd. - is responsible for operating the Group’s pre-packaged products lines. The team holds "green, healthy, Canada original ecology" as our business philosophy, and constantly develops Canada's high standards original healthy food to millions of Asian families. The Group has flaxseed product line, the Canadian Arctic ice honey, Canadian Propolis and 20 other kinds of products. Major markets include mainland China, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions. In 2017, the Group formally involved in the field of e-commerce platform and is committed to providing customers with more accurate Canadian agricultural trade docking.

Richland Agriculture Group will be relentless on pursuit of bringing Canada's outstanding agricultural resources to overseas, for every family that valuing healthy life!