Job title: Marketing Officer

NOC: 1123

Job type: full-time, permanent

Work location: Saskatoon

Salary: $32/hour


Job duties:

  • Evaluate and advise the needs of the company by the characteristics, target markets and sales networks of the agricultural products of the company
  • Make advice about the strategies of adverting, promotion and marketing of the company
  • Develop and carry out the marketing plans, events, activities and campaigns
  • Design and prepare materials, documents and information for communications, advertising and marketing
  • Maintain and upgrade the fame of the company and the brands of the products
  • Help keep good relationship with clients, suppliers, logistics companies and government departments
  • Conduct surveys to collect and analyze the market data and identify the needs, interests and concerns of clients, suppliers, logistics partners.
  • Prepare marketing reports, advertising contents, event presentations for media, activities and campaigns
  • Organize and coordinate all kinds of workshops, meeting, events, ceremonies for marketing, promotion, publicity and public relationship
  • Represent the company to keep contact with media



  • Education: College diploma in related fields
  • Language: Fluent English
  • Skills: Good communication skills, team player, good computer user, detail-oriented and patient


Apply: send resume to